Shooting Range Knowledge Quiz

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Shooting Range Knowledge Quiz

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If your bolt will not stay back / open without the magazine, what should you do at a public range during cease fire?

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On most ranges, a rifle is considered "unloaded" if:

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Who has the ability to yell "Cease Fire" at a shooting range?

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The best targets for 100 yard bullseye shooting are typically what style?

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The portion of the shooting range where you case, un-case & shoot your firearms is called?

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Indoor shooting ranges in Las Vegas offer what services?

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When referring to where the targets are on the shooting range, what is that area called?

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Shooting shotgun, what do you traditionally yell to the person with the clay targets when you are ready?

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The best thing you can do for a local shooting range is?

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Your shooting range has benches east of the berms, so you shoot to the west.. what time of day is the worst to go to the range?

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